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Intervju: THEUSZ, (Europa)

THEUSZ, (Europa)

Theusz is a collective that stands in defense of European art with music. We talked to them a these days..

1. Why the name Theusz? When and how was came that idea?

Theusz: THEUSZ is a word of a fictitious language meaning: time. We took it from a language used by a French avant-garde music group, MAGMA.
This is actually a mistake on our part, originally we thought the word THEUSZ meant «hate», we had it from a music called «THEUSZ HAMTAAK» and when we realized our mistake the first music had been published on the internet, and we liked the word THEUSZ, we found it highly aesthetic.

2. You define your music as  electro, industrial, inspired by the history of Old Europe & World. What is the impact of that?

Theusz: Our music, of which I am the main producer, has evolved a lot over the years and today we are producing synthwave/ retrowave music but we have actually produced a lot of industrial martial music, dark ambient and even avant-garde music at the beginning of the collective’s existence. Deed we are inspired by European history and world history, especially Eurasia. We wanted to produce music free of any extra-European influence and subsequently of any «globalized» influence which is why we were interested in the ancient peoples. This is still the case even if our music has taken a more «western» turn lately, one of the many phases that the collective goes through.

3. Theusz is?

Theusz: THEUSZ is an artistic collective «counter-cultural» and international founded in 2015 in French Flanders. Initially composed of 4 members, things went rather badly when the first members realized that the project was going to be very difficult to carry out. So I took it back after a little less than a year of existence and became its president, then there were only two of us. I decided to direct the collective towards industrial martial music and make each music in our albums a collaboration. The goal is to gather the most people around this project far from politically correct. We wanted and still want to recover the soil of culture, too much left in the hands of the enemies of the peoples.
Today we have about ten members and countless collaborators. 

4. Last album "Avant Garde" was well received by the audience, which was to be expected. How are you satisfied with him?

Theusz: Avant-garde is our first physical album, its productions were the most advanced we had at the time. We are mostly satisfied with the visual work, a little less of the musical work, especially in the mixing of the titles. But we only got good feedback, so I guess, yeah, the album was good. In hindsight, especially when you are a perfectionist, you always find something to complain about or that you would like to do again. I might even say that I am disappointed, but that would not make much sense.

5. You often collaborate with other artists (Host, etc). What are your experiences of these cooperations? Will You continue to explore music with other musicians and artists that you'll be sharing the listeners?

Theusz: Indeed we collaborate a lot with other musicians or artists, things have always gone well and generally things happen the same way: I leave it to the artists, which can sometimes give surprising or strange results, but I was never disappointed. We will continue in this direction, this is the very goal of our collective, motivated and productive people are welcome, regardless of the gender they practice!

6. What is the music for you ? In which way music defines  you?

Theusz: I am a pragmatic and detached person, I could give 10 different answers to this question... In the context of the collective I consider music as a means of propaganda, useful to bring people together, to regain the ground of culture, to experiment and to make evolve the contemporary European culture.
In a more personal way, music, with architecture, is the art form that touches me most, some music literally pierce my soul from side to side. It’s something that’s been an integral part of my life and my personality, forever.The music I play is not something to separate from what I am, I can sometimes play the same chords for hours, simply because they perfectly reflect what I feel or am.

7. I also saw that you were engaged in events in Greece. Can you tell readers more about this?

Theusz: About four years ago I left the political movements and parties in which I campaigned, the results were not there and I started to campaign and launch initiatives alone, defining myself as an «alternative right» and refuting the classic cleavages. I have since had very good results, I have brought many people towards identity ideas and I have made myself known, even at a national level in France, for some of my actions. I use this little notoriety to promote the counter-culture that I believe is necessary for the victory of European ideas. I was recently in Greece to do freelance journalism and create a link with patriotic movements there. I was recently in Greece to do freelance journalism and create a link with patriotic movements there. I wanted to bring back pictures, videos, interviews of events taking place at the Greek-Turkish border, the border of Europe. Unfortunately we were not able to bring much back, our attempt was only a semi-success and we spent more time in prison than working... The Greek intelligence services have done everything to send us back to France. Campaigning autonomously and without funding is very hard but I have at heart to defend Europe and our homelands, which I also do in music!

8. Plans for future?

Theusz: At the moment we are producing electronic music, more in the retro/ synthwave vein and we have released a mix called #ISTANDWITHGREECEMIX in support of our Greek comrades. We publish mostly on Bitchute since we are censored on Youtube.. We continue the collaborations and I am also working on a new album, which will be eclectic in terms of the styles addressed. I also have to find a new senior graphic designer, I had to exclude from the collective the previous graphic designer who got lost in endless intellectual reflections that prevented him from acting...
We also have a lot of projects in mind, including a live film, a video and many other things, but the lack of resources and volunteers slows down our production rate!

9. A concert in Serbia, perhaps?

Theusz: It would be my pleasure! We already have trouble organizing them in France, the musicians of the collective being very far from each other, sometimes by an ocean! But in the future this will undoubtedly happen! 

10. And in the end what will you tell readers in Serbia?

Theusz: Thank you for this opportunity and for your attention. Continue listening to underground music groups, free and original bands. Do not be afraid to assume your ideas, even if they are different from what the masses think. I also want to say that no dichotomy must be absolute, it is not because you are not left or extreme left that you must be a neo-Nazi or a fascist. These shortcuts are imposed by the system that tries to ridicule us and keep us in the shadows. You can quite be an identitary, an anarchist, a lover of freedom and Europe, these things are not antinomics!

Long live the patria of Europe, long live Art and stay free!

Made by: Predrag G.

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