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Intervju: Drusuna, (Portugal)

Drusuna, (Portugal)

Celtiberia is a land of mysticism and tradition of the ancient Gods. Its guardians are still there who keep this tradition through music. Such is the music project of Drusuna..

1. Why the name Drusuna?  When and how was came that idea?

Drusuna: Drusuna (aka Lady of the Oak) is a Deity from the ancient celts who inhabited Iberian peninsula in the iron age.
She is related with the forest and protector of the green realm. There are similar deities across entire europe within pagan/heathen cultures, (Aisling, Arduina, Ártemis, etc).

2. Drusuna  music genre is  Ritual Pagan Folk, inspired by the mother nature and history. What is the impact of that?

Drusuna: Yes,  all the concept is based in the ancestral cultural roots of the ancient celts. 
Those societies were connected with nature in a deep level. Every aspect of live was directly related with nature and everything  evolved arround it.  
It was in nature that all the answers to the world's mysteries were sought .
So the impact  of those aspects in Drusuna's music is very  high and that message is what is intended to convey who is listning.

3. Drusuna is?

Drusuna: Ancestry, Mithology and.... green!

4. Last album " Kaytos Kom" was well received by the audience, which was to be expected. How are you satisfied with him?

Drusuna: Well, that was a first aproach for what was intended to do... actually, it was just a“preface“ of a much bigger world, unfortunatelly, there were inumerous setback on new releases  although there are lots of material to be released. But  the ep, it was ok for what it was intended to do.

5. You often collaborate with other artists (Arnica, Urze de Lume, etc). What are your experiences of these cooperations? Will You continue to explore music with other musicians and artists that you'll be sharing the listeners?

Drusuna: Actually, I never collaborated ''artistically speaking“ with those artists despite being myself a fan of their  work and even having a cultural connection to them. We have already played together at events and obviously there is always the possibility of a collaboration, taking into account the geographical, cultural and musical proximity.  
At the moment, Drusuna is a solo project of my own and collaboration is actually what i intend to do with all artists i´m willing to work with... i already started to do this in the next release.  The single that is about to be released through Friendly Folk Records entitled “Spirits of Ancient Trees“ have the collaboration of Rose Avalon from Ritual Duir in voices.
The same will be happening in the upcomming album.
This is the model i want to work and i think this is very interesting way to do things...

6. What experiences do you have from guest appearing on Castlefest?

Drusuna: I started going to castlefest  as visitor, few years ago and from the first moment I entered the event, I quickly felt that it was the perfect place to someday be able to share my music with everyone there. The environment is perfect, people are extremely connected to a world where we can feel the resonance between everyone. 
Being able to step on a stage at the Castlefest, is a unique sensation and experience. 

7. What is the music for you ? In which way music defines you?

Drusuna: As musician, i pursue an alternative world of ancient  valors  and philosophy of life.
I always try to export my visions of this world in form of sounds.
I can say that music as a whole manages to define me as an idealist who seeks more and more distance from the modern world. 
So,  music for me is the vehicle that takes me away and conects me with the ancient ways.

8. Plans for future?

Drusuna: An album is on the plans for the next year. I do not have a release date yet, but as work progresses, i will update it for anyone who might be interested.

9. A concert in Serbia, perhaps?

Drusuna: Hummm, we never know what can happens in the future, but i'm sure if an oportunity appears, i will gladly take it!

10. And in the end what will you tell readers in Serbia?

Drusuna: I have a very good impression of Serbian music, from traditional to metal. Also, that region is very rich in ancient history, so it is natural that so many good music comes through there. Thank you so much for your time!

The old gods are watching....

Made by: Predrag G.

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