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Intervju: Lisa P. Duse (Porta Vittoria)

 Lisa P. Duse (Porta Vittoria)

Mediterranean pop, Eurasia, against the modern world... all connected to the music of the band Porta Vittoria from Italy. For a long time I follow their work and I am fully committed to their music. With Lisa P. Duse talked a little bit and Webzine decided that the more promote their music in Serbia.

1. Why the name Porta Vittoria? When and how was came that idea?

Lisa: The project name comes from a Milan area where We lived some years ago:  I’m referring to the neighborhood around the bypass stop through Porta Vittoria station. It was a degraded area abandoned to itself. You know sometimes crumbling places have a certain beauty; our followers surely do know well our “Aesthetics of ruins“ from Porta Vittoria music videos and album artworks.

2. You define your music as Experimental pop. What is the impact of that? 

Lisa: We’re beyond any easy catalogation because We take suggestions from different music genres. Sometimes the process of creation becomes like a ritual or an improvvisation, and its zenith is the evocation of a melody... this makes our experimentation properly “pop“, in a music background that’s filled with contradictory genres.

3. Debut album "Summer of Our Discomfort" was well received by the audience, which was to be expected. How are you satisfied with him? 

Lisa: We were lucky to get our debut album released by a cult label like Old Europa Cafe. We got some interviews and reviews, contacts for collaborations and the audience enoyed our weird music videos. It was a great satisfaction: We took three years to finish that album (three working years to release “Tales of Fallen Heroes“, too - also this could sound like a ritual, isn’t it?).

4. Tell us about Porta Vittoria new album “Tales Of Fallen Heroes“?

Lisa: I feel "Tales of Fallen Heroes" is far better than our previous album: more intimate, more consistent and mature. It has been 3 years of my life after all.  If I look at it from the distance I can see the reflection of my heart on it. Also, the release date (1 december 2016) calls to mind Aleister Crowley’s death (69 years ago). So may the blessing of To Mega Therion shine on "Tales of Fallen Heroes"!

5. You Often collaborate with other artists. What are your experiences of these cooperations? Will You continue to explore music with other musicians and artists that you'll be sharing the listeners?

Lisa: Collaborations are always good opportunities to try something completely different from what I am doing with Porta Vittoria and sometimes they are real heats for my creativity. It was a real joy to collaborate with artists like T.S.I.D.M.Z., Sonnenkind, Post Contemporary Corporation, Carnera ……… and last but not least the project "Accademia Prima".

6. What is the music for you ? In which way music defines  you?

Lisa: As I said before, music creation is a sort of ritual. I prefer to say I define music, and not the opposite, but... actually it can also be seen as a form of catharsis.

7. Porta Vittoria is member of Eurasian Artists Association. Can you tell us more about the EAA?

Lisa: Some years ago Sol from T.S.I.D.M.Z. invited us to become members of EAA. We discovered that The Eurasian Artists Association ideas are symbolically in line with our own music flow and creation process: a multipolar world of culture and tradition, basically against the caothic post-modern world. The world vision of EAA artists (musicians, painters, writers) emphazises a sort of spiritual come back to our deep roots, with a metaphysical approach to history and life.

8. Accademia Prima?

Lisa: Accademia Prima is a neo romantic avant-garde project I made with Marco de Marco (J Orphic) and Giovanni Leonardi (Siegfried/Carnera) and I was totally enthusiastic to be part of it.  We released the digital album "Prima Luce" in 2015 (https://accademiaprima.bandcamp.com/releases). For those who still have not come through the sound of Accademia Prima do not hesitate to look for our page into Facebook!

9. Plans for future?

Lisa: We’re working on a new track for a compilation to be released in mid 2017 by a brand-new italian label called Dornwald Records. This special project will feature Russian and Italian bands. Our tracks is titled “Total Kollapse“. At the moment I can’t reveal more!

10. A concert in Serbia, perhaps?

Lisa: Thanks, that could be a great experience. We received a lot of invitations to play live our music, unfortunately my will is to keep Porta Vittoria as a studio project only. We like the idea of a private and intimate fruition of our music. Maybe coming from a stereo system  in a dimly lit room.

11. And in the end what will you tell readers in Serbia?

Lisa: Thank You very much for reading this interview: please keep on listening good music :-D  and supporting the scene. A big thank you to Predrag for his time making this interview!


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