понедељак, 2. мај 2016.

ACCADEMIA PRIMA announce his first album "PRIMA LUCE" , May 08th, 2016.

ACCADEMIA PRIMA  announce his first album "PRIMA LUCE"

Accademia Prima says:
"After nearly a year of work, ACCADEMIA PRIMA has now completed his first album. ACCADEMIA PRIMA is proud to announce that "PRIMA LUCE" will be available on the Bandcamp project page and on all digital platforms from May 08th, 2016.
After evaluating some proposals for a hard copy of the disk and founding them quite uninteresting, we have decided to take the plunge, and therefore, for the time being, the work will be available in liquid form only.
Be ready to enjoy a distillate of "new romantic avant-garde"." 

Model on the cover art: Liliana Benini
Photographer: Lucija Hrvat (all photos rights by Accademia Prima) 


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