уторак, 15. март 2016.

Najava: Guitar Forse (Poljska)

Guitar Forse

Hammer and tongs signed a contract with the band from Poland, thanks to the trust. Guitar Force has been founded by Marcin Habaj - a guitarist, a composer and lyrics author in 2007. It consists of 5 young people from south - eastern Poland and music style oscilates around hard rock and heavy metal.
It's achievements include an album "Do przodu" (2010, English title "Forward"), a single "Magia Snu" (2012, English title "The Magic Of The Dream"), a compilation "Musicians for Amelka" (2013), album "Dwa Światy" (2013, English title "Two Worlds") and EP album in Polish and English - titled "Na Koniec Świata Świata" / "To The End Of The World" (2015).In March 2016 Guitar Force has signed an international promotional contract that includes European concert tour with Hammer and Tongs - Tour and Promotion Agency. La Riot Survivor Records also plans a promotional European concert tour for the band after debut CD in English has been released.

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